Job description

Reports to: Regional Activism Coordinator (If available—otherwise, Global Activism Director)

Job purpose: The National Activism Coordinator gathers and updates data about the country's maternity care system and human rights concerns.  The Coordinator works with the National Legal Advocacy Coordinator to develop “Know Your Rights” information for women in that country.  They also track and support local actions and projects that share HRiC values and goals.


  • Build and maintain a web page of information for women within the country, and for people from other countries who want to learn more about that country’s HRiC situation.
  • Gather up-to-date data on maternal health issues in the country, with specific attention to equal access to care, non-discrimination in treatment, accessibility of a full range of birth choices and woman-centered care health policies.
  • Develop mechanisms by which women can share stories about what they are experiencing in childbirth in that country.  Examples can include a Facebook page, surveys, and meetings.
  • Track and, as resources allow, support and collaborate with other local organizations that develop HRiC-related actions.
  • Serve as national contact person for inquiries that come to HRiC global from your country.  HRiC global will forward such inquiries to you, and you can determine the appropriate response, with assistance from HRiC global as needed.
  • Join periodic meetings of other National Activism Coordinators from your region, for the sharing of information and strategies.
  • Serve as lead contact for inquiries into national HRiC issues.


  • Good knowledge of the local maternity care situation and childbirth associations.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Passion for human rights in childbirth as a topic.
  • Reliability, accountability, and thoroughness.
  • Research and writing skills.  Ability to speak both English and national language, or to help coordinate translation of a country-specific HRiC page into both the national language and into English.

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