Add A Map Listing

This form should be used to register an account to add a listing to the HRiC World Map.

Note that this does not include attach a logo as was previously an option

Africa Program Download Form

This can probably go away?

Bio Submission Form



Outdated. Not including.  Had form for name, email address, address, profession and website

Contact Form

Donate Form

Note this may or may not work now with squarespace, won't know until we integrate Stripe for purchasing.

India Preregistration Form

Old, not including here.  I have the excel report for mailchimp (and I'm 90% sure it synced with mailchimp anyway)

India Registration Form

This wasn't needed since we are going through Eventbrite

Newsletter Form

See example in footer below for the built in "Newsletter" option.  Can also do a "Form" like this:

They both sync to google docs for backup and to mailchimp.  The "Form" option also sends an email notification to but the "Newsletter" option does not.

Rights Violation Stories Form

South Africa 2015 Registration Form

Outdated, not including