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HRiC Launches Campaign to Address Human Rights Violations in Maternity Care

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Date: 6/16/2014

Portland, OR, USA; Den Haag, Netherlands; World WideHuman Rights in Childbirth (HRiC) is an international foundation in The Hague, the Netherlands, that provides education and advocacy regarding the human rights of pregnant and birthing women, and promotes laws and policies that reflect women’s basic human rights. HRiC volunteers work from many countries, with core team members are based out of Oregon and the Netherlands. We believe that birth outcomes are improved, and suffering is prevented, through the clarification and upholding of the fundamental human rights of birthing women. HRiC is committed to promoting those rights, in law and practice, until they become a reality for birthing women everywhere. Please visit our website for more information regarding the fundamental human rights at stake in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as discussions of human rights violations occurring around the world.

HRiC connects a multi-disciplinary network of individuals and organizations from many countries who are advancing women’s rights in childbirth at a local level. We work with NGOs and organizations, lawyers, doctors, ethicists, midwives, anthropologists, doulas and parents themselves. Members of our network meet in person at our period conferences and events. Our international network of lawyers and activists are developing Know-Your-Rights materials for women in their region or nation, as well as working to strengthen those rights in numerous legal and non-legal settings. We are also gathering research and information from HRiC Coordinators in many nations for consideration of the human rights problems faced by women in different maternity care systems around the world.

The first phase of HRiC’s development has been accomplished with no funding. But the calls for help have grown to exceed our ability to handle on an all-volunteer basis. This Indiegogo campaign will fund Phase 2. We need $50,000 to establish HRiC as a sustainable non-profit organization with a committed team able of advancing our work. We have reached 13% of our goal so far, and there are 30 days until the end of the fundraiser. We are asking everyone to spread the word and to donate what they can at our Indiegogo fundraiser website as well as watch the campaign video. This work will lead the way towards a paradigm shift in maternity care world-wide, through recognition of the improved outcomes for mothers and babies that follow from respectful, mother-centered, human-rights-based care. Please support Human Rights in Childbirth to continue this vital work.

Contact: Hermine Hayes-Klein, J.D.; Founder & Director

Telephone Number: 1-503-593-4568

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