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  • Human Rights in Childbirth US Summit Activist Panel

    Human Rights in Childbirth US Summit 2016 – Welcome Speech

    On May 26, 2016, Human Rights in Childbirth held the second HRiC US Summit in Los Angeles, California.  Activists and legal advocates from the nation’s leading reproductive justice and maternal health consumer advocacy groups convened for one day to share stories and information about the human rights concerns facing their

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  • Women-Deliver-2016

    Human Rights in Childbirth at Women Deliver 2016

    Human beings, like all mammals, need to feel safe in order to give birth.  Childbirth as a physiological process is powered by hormones, and those hormones are strongly affected by the birthing women’s emotions, which are in turn affected by her perception of whether she is giving birth in a

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  • Jamarah Amani

    Rooted: Understanding the History of Birth Justice and Growing a Movement

    The history of midwifery in Florida is at once inspiring and infuriating. In 1920, there were 4000 midwives. In 2016, there are just over 100 licensed midwives in the state. Where did all the midwives go? As birth workers, we stand on the shoulders of many ancestors whose stories have

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  • Justice3

    Break the Silence: India

    Photo by Lina Duncan in Mumbai. Painting by Jas Charanjiva @KultureShop. Used with permission. Break the Silence I am strong I am weak Will you listen? Can I speak? Will you look me in the eye? Can I trust you? Will you lie? Do you have to use machines? Have

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  • Rinat Rose 261x238

    Rinat Dray is Not Alone, Part 4

    Have you heard that “liability pressure” compels doctors to increasingly deliver babies by cesarean section? Have you wondered how it could be that the law, which is supposed to protect patients’ rights and enforce healther providers’ duties of care, would drive doctors toward imposing costly, risky, and unnecessary surgeries on birthing

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